My Oracle Decks Collection

I also have a fondness for oracles.  I’ve always loved paper going to books to newspapers to tarot and oracle decks made of paper.  I have troubles relating to other oracles that are not made of paper like runes.

  1. Angel Oracle Set (Ambika Wauters)
  2. Animal Spirit Knowledge Cards (Seddon Boulet)
  3. Cabalistic Tarot (Ikarial)
  4. Cat Comfort Cards (Kat Lover & Kitty Wisdom)
  5. Celtic Book of the Dead (Caitlin Mathews)
  6. Celtic Messages (Emma Garner & Joules Taylor)
  7. Chromatomancy
  8. Crystal ball
  9. Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards (Doreen Virtue)
  10. Dices
  11. Dreamstone Oracle (Chronata)
  12. Druid Animal Oracle (Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm)
  13. Druid Plant Oracle (Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Philip Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington)
  14. Enchanted Oracle (Jessica Galbreth)
  15. The Faeries’ Oracle (Brian Froud)
  16. Faerie Wisdom (Emma Garner  & Gillian Kemp)
  17. Fairy Oracle (Wulfing)
  18. Fairy Pack (Claire Nahmad)
  19. Fortune Teller’s Deck (Jane Lyle & Neil Breeden)
  20. Fortune Teller’s Mahjongg Cards (Derek Walters & Amanda Barlow)
  21. French Cartomancy (Sibilla Lenormand)
  22. Gilded Reverie Lenormand (Ciro Marchetti)
  23. Goddess Knowledge Cards (Seddon Boulet)
  24. Good Witch Bad Witch (Emma Garner & Gillian Kemp) (3 decks)
  25. Green Man Tree Oracle (John Matthews & Bill Worthington)
  26. Gypsy LeNormand Oracle Deck (Bruno Bieri)
  27. Hallowstone Oracle (by Chronata)
  28. Heart of Faerie Oracle (Brian Froud)
  29. I-Ching (or Yi-King?) (with coins)
  30. I Ching Dead Moon Oracle (Luis Royo)
  31. I Misteri della Sibilla (Ettore Maiotti)
  32. Jeu du Destin Antique (Pianik)
  33. Jeu Lenormand – 36 cards with French poems (Carta Mundi)
  34. Le jeu de l’oie
  35. Le jeu du serpent ou Tarot Égyptien (egyptian deck tarot look alike based on the egyptian game of Snake)
  36. Little Czech Oracle (Ivy Huttnerové)
  37. Lord Of The Rings Oracle (Donaldson)
  38. Lovers Oracle (Wulfing)
  39. Love Pack (Chuck Spezzano)
  40. Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards (Filipak)
  41. La Magica Sibilla (Luigi & Giulia Scapini)
  42. Magisches Lenormand
  43. My own set of stones
  44. Mystical Lenormand/Mystische Lenormand (Urban Troscher & Regula Elizabeth Fiechter)
  45. Mystisches Kipper (Urban Troscher & Regula Elizabeth Fiechter)
  46. Oracle of Shadows and Light (Lucy Cavendish & Jasmin Becket-Griffith)
  47. Oracles of Visions (Ciro Marcetti)
  48. Le Paradisier (oracle based on birds)
  49. Petit LeNormand Britta Kienle
  50. Petit LeNormand Iris Verlag
  51. Petit LeNormand Pianik Vienna
  52. Psycards (Maggie Kneen)
  53. Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory (John M. Knowles; Linda Leblanc)
  54. Sibilla Della Zingara (Lo Scarabeo)
  55. Sibilla Oracle Cards (Lo Scarabeo)
  56. StoryWorld Decks (John & Caitlín Matthews) (main deck + Faery Magic + Quests & Adventures + Animal Tales + Stories of the Sea)
  57. Soul Lessons & Soul Purpose Oracle Cards (Sonia Choquette)
  58. Tarot d’Eltynne
  59. Les tables du destin
  60. Tree Magick (Emma Garner & Gillian Kemp)
  61. Les Vieux Jours Lenormand (second edition)
  62. Wicca Pack (Sally Morningstar)
  63. Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle (Colette Baron-Reid & Jena DellaGrottaglia)
  64. Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

1 Comment

  1. Melissa Gerber said,

    December 20, 2015 at 6:18 PM

    Nice list. I have 12 of those, myself, plus my own extensive collection of other oracles.

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