My Move

As for what is happening with me right now, I’m busy packing my stuff for my move. As you might remember, I was being evicted by my landlord so he could use the place for his daughter. Good news, I found a new place around the same price, close to where I live now but not in the same neighbourhood, a 3-rooms as well but it’s smaller so it will be tight; there are tons of stores around (Dunking Donut, Dairy Queen, butcher, pastry shop, a few seven-elevens, two drugstores, medical clinic and a few small restaurants, etc.), there are more buses going there (3-4) so I won’t be stuck waiting so long as before for the unique bus I had to take before. Anyway, I have not played Guild Wars and Lord of the Rings Online for weeks now, it hurts. Instead I’ve been reading the very good serie of the royal assassin by Robin Hobb which I like very much, I have not finished yet.

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Maurice on Casters

Maurice, my cat, used the time I was packing my stuff to sneak behind my back and make his own page on Casters, where cats get their own page and friends. He thinks me uploading pictures of him is not enough, he is envious of my personal pages so now he has his own page all for himself. You can admire him and read his diary here:

This is a past blog entry from MySpace.